Friday, February 3, 2017

What can I write in a world where “outrageous” is the norm?
What can I write in a world where dignity and decorum have disappeared?
What can I say when I speak in a tongue of kindness and empathy
some will never be able to translate?
What can I do when all I’ve ever believed is being tossed aside as irrelevant?
What can I hold onto to keep me grounded as anger fogs the air?
What can I think when my thoughts show signs of vengeance?

Where can I go for solace when the world is upside down?

When I was a very young piano student, my teacher taught me about “hitching posts.” These are places in the music that we go when our memory fails. I now seek emotional hitching posts. When I recognize “outrageous,” I turn to the “Meditation” post.
When I can’t see “dignity and decorum,” I model it.
When my kind and empathic words fall on deaf ears, I use sign language.
When my beliefs seem irrelevant, I reaffirm them by acting on them.
When anger fogs the air, I laugh out loud and dance in the rain.
When I begin to feel vengeful, I get on my knees and make a steeple with my hands.

When I need solace, I dig my toes in the sand and walk the beach. I am not alone.