Tuesday, March 28, 2017

     Dear Followers:

     Most days, I compose a piece to post on this site. Today, I want to share some random reasons I love to reflect. If you don't have time to reflect, how can you make sense of things? There were years where I didn't even know what "reflection" was. I thought it was looking in the mirror. Hah. That's a reflection that is not as much fun as it was when my neck was tight:)

     In the past few days, some random things have happened which have given me pause. I have been feeling rather vulnerable, mainly due to my upcoming performances. When we put ourselves out there in the public eye to be scrutinized, we are setting ourselves up for criticism as well as praise. If you have thin skin like me, you'd best have your resilience toolbox handy, as you can bet you will need it at some point--if not from your audience, from yourself.

     When I'm feeling vulnerable, that's not necessarily a negative; it's just vulnerable. It means I'm sensitive and anxious to do my best (or quite frankly, to please.) Here are some things that randomly happened in the past few days. What do you make of them? Is it coincidence? Is it karma? Is it the Big Guy saying, "It's all going to be ok?"

1.  A former colleague wrote to tell me he loved my posts and that some of my messages resonated with his recent career decision.
2.  A former student wrote to me to tell me that he wanted to send me something as he finishes his PhD.
3.  My former piano coach (herself a fabulous concert pianist and beautiful human being) wrote me a text to tell me how beautifully I played and she hoped to be at my concert.
4.  A former student who writes her own blog told me I was one of the women in her life who inspired her.
5.  A dear friend wrote that she considered me a "soul mate."

     Now these were all unrelated events, but they all came within the past few days when I was asking myself, "Do I really need to be putting my vulnerable self out there at my age?" "Am I still making a difference?" "Do people really care about what I do these days?" The answer is obvious.

     I am approaching 1100 posts on this blog. If I touched 11 lives in 3.5 years, I would be ecstatic. If I inspired 11 seconds of reflection, that would be great. If I made 11 people ask themselves a question that needed to be posed, I would be happy. If I comforted 11 people in all that time, that would make me feel like my words mattered.

     Sometimes a random comment, note, letter, phone message or text can have a profound impact on someone. Never underestimate the power of your words. They are gifts, so give them generously but with heart.