Tuesday, March 21, 2017

     I have written previously about a word I used to loathe: “appropriate.” I am ambivalent about the term. What is “appropriate,” in my humble opinion, is behavior that is polite, considerate, not offensive or vulgar and acceptable in its context. 

     Recently, I have heard the following topics discussed at length at a dinner table:
gastric bypass issues, food getting stuck in one’s throat, dog’s business, food poisoning, and colonoscopy prep. What?!!! Do we really have to listen to such disgusting topics while we’re eating? 

    People do and say some of the weirdest things. I think there should be an Art Linkletter show for “inappropriate” adults. Remember, “Kids Say the Darndest Things?” Well, how about “What Will Adults Reveal Next?” 


 Speaking of polite, what ever happened to “Excuse me,” and “I’m sorry?” We were at the theatre the other night, and at least a dozen people had to walk in front of our seats to get to theirs. Now this is not their fault, as there is no center aisle in one of our theaters here. The point is that we all know we will have to walk in front of those already seated, so it should be obvious that an “Excuse me” would be in order. Of the dozen people who walked in front of us, some not so steadily, some rather ample in size, two said “Excuse me.” How difficult is it to be polite? The lady next to me put her glass of wine in the cup in front of her, and I kept fearing that one of the passersby would knock it over all over my brand new shoes. I even said, “I’d watch that wine of yours.” She just laughed and left it there while some guy brushed by with his cane and nearly sent it flying. What’s wrong with people?


     In my day, it was “inappropriate” and “uncouth” to:

1.  climb over the seats in a theatre to get to yours.
2.  put your dirty shoes on the seats in front of you.
3.  push your way in front of others in a line.
  4.  discuss private information in public.
5.  leave your garbage on the floor at the movie theatre.
6.  change your kid’s diaper in public.
7.  let your kids run around a restaurant when people are trying to have a quiet meal.
8.  talk loudly in public so others can hear your conversation.
9.  talk on your cell phone when you’re out with friends (yes, we had phones in my day, albeit with long black curly cords)
  10. make fun of someone’s hair cut or weight.
  11. brag about anything!
12. reveal your income or how many cars and houses you have.
13. interrupt. 
14. dominate a conversation.
15. not look at someone to whom you are speaking.
16. bring your pets to our home without asking.
17. let your pets trample on our flowers and shrubs.
and the list goes on. What a fuddy-duddy I am, huh?

       I guess I’m weird. Maybe I should start a club, “Be Weird, Try Polite.”