Sunday, March 5, 2017



How did I get from the above to the place on the right in less than 12 hours?

Miscellaneous Musings On a March Morning

I used to worry about:

  1. how much I weighed.
  2. how smart I was compared to others.
  3. how popular I was.
  4. how smart people thought I was.
  5. how my hair looked.
  6. if my stomach stuck out.
  7. if I was as pretty as other girls.
  8. if I was the “best” in whatever I was doing.
  9. If I had enough money.
  10. if I would ever get married and have children.

Now I realize that the weight of one’s body is far less important than the weight of one’s kindness.
Intelligence comes in many forms. Mine is just different than others’.
“Popular” is fickle and unimportant in the whole scheme of things.
I will never know what people think of me; it’s more important what I think of me.
My hair looks fabulous as long as I have some.
If my stomach sticks out, it means I am still able to feed myself.
“Pretty as” is all in the eyes of the beholder. 

“Best” is not as important as “my best.”
“Enough” changes monthly.
I am married, and I have children, and worrying about it had nothing to do with anything.

Lessons learned from facing a medical crisis:

  1. Nothing is more important than our health.
  2. Everything shrinks into a tiny bubble when you don’t feel good. What mattered a day before is unimportant.
  3. Values quickly fall into place.
  4. Gratitude for loved ones and close friends stands out like a neon sign.
  5. Time stands still allowing you to look at your life and ask some serious questions.
  6. The imagination can run wild. Best to stay focused in the moment. Isn’t this how we’re supposed to live anyway?
  7.   Kind people make the world a better place.
  8. Do we know how to entertain ourselves and occupy our minds with positive thoughts when we are unable to do what we want?
  9. Home becomes a palace no matter how big, small, simple or luxurious. 
  10. It is amazing how a stranger’s kind words or smiles can get us through some tough moments.

     Over the past few days, I endured a medical crisis. I don’t know if it’s over, but when this happens, life stops on a dime. All plans become question marks. All goals become maybes. All material things lose value. What matters most rises quickly to the surface and stares us in the face. I will humbly put my hands together and pray. I will thank God for who and what I have and have had in my life, and I will gather my strength to face whatever is in store. I will remember how this feels so that when it happens to someone close to me, I will be there for that person with a compassionate ear and a charitable heart.

     I have become a better person because of this crisis, and I will celebrate every healthy breath I take for as long as I can.  I will remember the fear so I can enjoy its absence. I will remember the kindness offered so I can pass it on. I will remember the isolation so I can revel in the joy of the presence of friends and loved ones. I will not expect too much of myself until I get back to “normal.” I will remember that “normal” can change on a dime. This is my Sunday morning two cents worth.