Wednesday, March 15, 2017


     It is easy for people my age to hang with those younger, as most my age are in a “home.” It is easy to hang with those older, as we can learn from their experience and wisdom, and, besides, they make me feel like I still have a grandma and grandpa. 

      If you hang with anyone under 30, they don’t speak the same language as those of us over 50, so this one is easy. Hanging with people whose native tongue is different is especially fascinating to foreign language teachers, as we can recognize sentence structure and realize that English isn’t as easy as we think.

      People who are not from my social class teach me many things. They teach me that happiness and joy doesn’t come from money or status; it comes from within. Some of the richest people I have met make half of what I did in my paycheck days. (What happened to those days, btw?)

    The best way to see the world is to get out of our own. Traveling to other countries, observing others’ values and life styles offers us a window into other cultures and gives us perspective. 

     I hope I die still growing.