Wednesday, March 22, 2017

     One thing I’ve learned, but I seem to continue to relearn is that a day doesn’t end with the first good or bad event. Sometimes the day will be going smoothly, and, suddenly, everything will fall apart. I choose not to label it “a bad day.” Most days are not good or bad; they are a combination of the two with some “eh” thrown in.

     Yesterday, I woke up all anxious about my upcoming performances. I had to dig out some serious self-talk, a couple of meditations, a physical workout and some get-to-work tools to get to lunchtime. By 12:30, I was feeling much better, but still unsettled. When I was tempted to label it a “hide-under-the-bed-with-my-teddy” kind of day, I found myself at my Toastmaster meeting.

      This group of highly-motivated, mostly high-energy people always fascinates and uplifts. One friend was giving a final speech for a designated certification, and she was all nervous. Another was telling me how good she was feeling after finally recovering from two knee surgeries. She was feeling like “her old self” and was eager to get going on some new projects. One of our Division Directors tried to recruit us to attend the Spring Speech Competition Saturday. She said, “If I can get up out of my bed after surgery to be there, so can you.”

    How could I think about hiding under my bed after listening to these positive remarks? I am not having surgery. I didn’t have two previous surgeries. I am just scared. Bottom line, from 5:00 a.m. when I got up to 11:00 p.m. when I returned to my nest, the day took on a shape and result I had never anticipated. 

     So what’s the point? Let the day evolve. Take measures to deal with whatever is asking for attention on your plate, and don’t label it before it’s over.

     What kind of day do you have before you? Who knows? Just roll with it, enjoy it as much as possible, be grateful you don’t have others’ issues, and label it, “It was a great day because I was healthy and coherent enough to think about it.”