Friday, March 31, 2017

To Do List:  Mid-flu:

  1. Wake up for the seventh time.
  2. Go back to bed.
  3. Drink warm fluid.
  4. Go back to bed.
  5. Get up.
  6. Find Kleenex box.
  7. Rest.
  8. Look in fridge for something to eat.
  9. Feel guilty about all I’m not accomplishing.
  10. Go back to bed.
  11. Get up.
  12. Think about what life was like before the flu.
  13. Rest.
  14. Take shower.
  15. Go Back to bed.
  16. Get up.
  17. Stare into space.
  18. Try to work.
  19. Give up.
  20. Go back to bed.

How do we endure the tough times? the fevers? the stress? the sad days? the hectic days? the boring unproductive hours? the pain? Somehow we all seem to endure and survive. What strikes me when I’m sick is that I forget how grateful I should be when I’m not. I remember an old beau saying “Too much of anything, even good things, is not good.” I recall thinking,”That’s absurd.” How can too much good not be good? When it comes to health, there is no such thing  as too much good. His point, however, was that we lose appreciation of the good or we take it for granted if there’s too much. Maybe so. 

Do you say thank you prayers every day that you’re healthy? Do you appreciate every day that you have food on your table? Do you think about how lucky you are that you have friends and family who care? Funny how much we appreciate all these things so much more when they are taken away from us for any length of time. 

When my world shrank into the sick bubble three days ago, all “to do”s were put on hold. Nothing mattered other than to get well. I am not there yet, but once again I am reminded that without our health we have nothing. As sweat pours down my brow, chills remind me that I’m still sick, aches make me realize that some people feel like this all the time, I am brought to my knees humbly thanking the Big Guy for the good, and asking Him to remind me not to take it all for granted. Btw, I can endure about 24 more hours of this, and then I’m good, ok?