Friday, March 17, 2017


     Have you ever been a few minutes into a conversation with someone, and you think to yourself, “Wow. This is exciting!” or “Omg, this person is taking me somewhere I’ve never thought I could go!” Every so often, I meet someone like this, and I am at a loss to describe how that person can take me to that “place,” but it’s always a positive experience, and I usually come away enlightened, energized or, occasionally, on fire. I want to be that person for someone. I want just one someone this week to walk away from me feeling better than when they met me. How do you do that?

     There is, obviously, no formula. People who inspire, energize, enlighten do so by who they are and how they see their world. They see things through a lens that only they understand. They observe, listen, reflect, process in a unique way that others may never have considered.

     Think about the people in your lives who have motivated or inspired you. How were they different from you? The ones who have taken me to these “places,” are those who read, who reflect, who have taken what they’ve discovered and done something with that information. Some are eccentric, I must admit. (That may be a nice way of saying “weird.”) Some are super intellectual;  their brains are far beyond where my IQ could take me. Some are “march-to-my-own-drummer” types. Some are radical in their thinking or outrageous in their demeanor. But they all ignite a place inside me that often propels me into action or at least into deep thought.

     Do they have to be famous or recognized publicly? No. They could be a next door neighbor, a clerk at Target or a custodian in your office building. There is no stereotype. Who do you know who has taken you to such a place? Did you ever thank them? Are you one of them? Where do you “take” people? Do they walk away from you feeling better, uplifted, energized?  

     Here are a few of mine. Some are still living:)
Elliot Engel
Margaret Anderson
Brené Brown
Robin Williams
Mrs. Milne
Chet Bloomquist
Hilda Blommquist
Dorothy Benton
Evelyn Rigby
Antoine Adam