Thursday, March 23, 2017

     Do you ever think about the joy you get from a chair? the light you feel from sun coming through a glass pane? the sense of control you feel from an organized desktop?

     Yesterday, Mr. Wonderful bought me a new chair for my brand new desk he purchased for me last week. I never thought about the chair I sit on every morning, often for hours at a time. Do you think about your chair? If you have back issues, probably, but if not, maybe you don’t give it a thought. I never did. A chair is functional. It is a necessity, not a luxury—at least not a desk chair. Last night, as I sat down in it for the first time, it felt so good. The leatherette seat was welcoming as I set about answering emails and looking at the latest Trumpmania.

     Today, we will have a new front door installed. It is an exterior door made of lead-glass and Fiberglass. It will allow much more light into our front entry, and I discovered that it will give me a view of our cute little bistro table and garden from the inside of the house. I have been saving for months to pay for this puppy, which I will open and close several times a month without thinking about it. But, maybe I will think about it because I saved so long and because of what it represents. 

     A front door is the first part of your house that people see. It tells them something about you and your home. Presently, the door is slightly scarred from its previous owners, and my holiday wreath is still hanging on it, as there’s no place to store it in our garage. What does this tell you about us? When people stand at your door waiting for you to open it, they may or may not have expectations of how you will greet them or what your house looks like inside, if you’ve never visited before. We have recently moved, so most people who come through our door have never been here before. Will they feel differently standing before our lead glass door than before the holiday wreath scarred version? I have never thought about this until now. (What else would I be contemplating at 6:14 a.m.?) Will people know how long I saved to purchase this puppy? Will they care? Probably not. Most people are still in their own heads standing at your door. Your piggy bank savings is the last thing on their minds. But think about what your front door says about you. Is it inviting? Is it decorated? Does the decoration tell you anything about them? 
If it’s not decorated, does that tell you something?

      This topic is absurd. What about those Wolverines?