Saturday, April 22, 2017

     1100. ELEVEN HUNDRED. One thousand, one hundred. One one zero zero. Why should this number mean anything to anyone? Today is my 1100th blog post. Yup, Ladies and Gentlemen, I have written 1100 blogs in the past three years. Some of my friends say to me, “How on earth can you think of something to say, much less write about it every day of the week?” At my age, I have another 1100 times 20 (Lord willing) to deliver. The question is, “Who’s reading them?” 

     Three years ago, when I decided to take my writing online, as my books weren’t selling all that well (I was too humble and embarrassed to try to market them myself), I chose blogging as a safe place to express my thoughts. My essays started out humorous (thus the title, Laughter Effects), but as time has elapsed, topics have become more reflective, and, hopefully motivational and inspirational. 

     So who wants to listen to some septuagenarian deliver daily slice-o-life thoughts? Well, guess what? I only know of three or four of my “followers;” the rest are from foreign countries I cannot spell. That’s fine, though. I am not writing to be famous. I am writing because I love to write and because if I touch one life in some meaningful way, I have made a difference. Unfortunately (I think), blogspot doesn’t allow you to comment, so I don’t know if people love or ignore my rhetoric. N’importe. Sometimes, I write in French just to get my former 3000+ students to see if they can still understand “la belle langue.” 

    Every so often, a friend, or someone I’ve met and forgotten will write me an email and say, “I read your blog today, and it really moved me,” or “I read your blogs, and they always speak to me.” That’s all I need, folks. Just a kind comment every so often, and I’m energized to keep them coming.

     I try never to preach. I don’t like people telling me what to do, how to live my life, how I “should” think or feel. I throw out some personal experiences, and I ask some pointed questions. It’s up to the reader to decide how much to read and whether they want to reflect and/or act. I grew up learning to respect my elders. That didn’t mean I had to agree with them, but I always listened. Funny, some of the most poignant and motivating comments that have pushed me to action have come from complete strangers. A random statement if we are in the right place can have an amazing impact.  

     Today, I ask you a simple question: Whose life have you touched recently? Was it something you said? something you wrote? the way you reacted to something? Who touched your life in the past few months? Was it someone close or a total stranger? Was it something you read in the paper, in a book, heard on TV? The word, written or spoken, is a powerful tool. It can injure, inspire or crush. What do you want to do with yours? Take 11 seconds, and think about it.

73 going on 1101:)