Wednesday, April 19, 2017

     After a nine-day  whirlwind trip to North Carolina to perform my George Gershwin one-woman show, we arrived home deliciously exhausted yesterday afternoon. It is always such a relief to get home to your own house, your own bed, your own dust.

     I am happy to report that I am healthy, happy and whole despite a swollen knee which has since mostly repaired itself. Only two small bruises remain as a reminder of the schlepping up and down steps with gowns, music stand, suitcases and miscellaneous “won’t-fit-anywhere” stuff.

     Seeing our custom home nestled among the beautiful flowering azaleas and sitting stately on the green golf course was not as unsettling as I had anticipated. We no longer have a big custom home. We live in a “cookie-cutter” dwelling almost 800 square feet smaller than the beauty we left. The neighborhood doesn’t look as “upscale,” and the trees aren’t full grown. I was worried that we would return, and I would go into a “why-did-we-do-this” funk. But guess what? We walked into our little “jewel,” and I exclaimed, “Yes, I love you, little gem! You may be a cookie, but you’re the best one in the jar!”

     Doing a quick recovery from that first step, I plowed into the mail crawling out with a handful of bills from my ER visit last month. What I think was simply dehydration cost a small fortune. The good news is I am fine; the bad news—fine is expensive. No pity—just facts.

     My “to do” list looks like a book not a sheet, but it will all get done, and if not, life will go on. I am learning what’s most important:  my health and the health of those I love. After spending over two weeks in a sickbed before our trip, all I could think of was being well. Now that I’ve recovered, I am spending some moments thinking about how to stay that way. Sickness is random, and it doesn’t matter what a good citizen you are; you can get zapped at any time to any degree. 

      I awoke at 4:30 am. as usual, and I’m ready to embrace the day, the list and the challenges. I will squeeze every healthy minute from each day, and I will continue to put myself out there and stretch. Why? Because I can, and because that’s what I do. It’s not for everyone, but it’s what’s right for me. 

     What’s right for you? Are you stretching? Are you comparing? Are you celebrating your good health, your energy level, your ability to walk and talk? As the years fly by, I become more grounded in the real value of life:  not being afraid of it—embracing it with all its warts and wonders. Et vous?