Saturday, April 29, 2017

                                                       WHAT I LEARNED


I learned this week that sometimes you need to give an important decision time. You need to walk around with it, write it down on paper, walk around some more, and then Voilà: Suddenly, you wake up and say, “No, I am not going to do that now.” I continually have to remind myself that letting go of a difficult decision is the only way to make it.


Health is #1. Little health issues go away, and we forget them. Bit health issues that are facing so many people I know are all-consuming. I need to be thankful while mine are only small.


Moving to a completely new state, new house, new neighbors, new community is refreshing, invigorating and makes you feel young. Yes, it is exhausting physically to clean out, clean up, throw out, throw up, lie down, get up, and start the whole process all over day after day. The end result is a fresh start, and I love new beginnings.


We all wear masks. No matter what people will tell you, you never really know the truth. Some walk around pretending everything is perfect when their lives are falling apart. Some people act crabby when they have nothing to be unhappy about. There are those who feel things more deeply than others, but we all feel even if we don’t emote. Every healthy day is precious, and every day is a new beginning. Attitude and perspective make all the difference. 

The most admirable qualities in a person are humility and kindness. 


  1. Did I make someone’s day better?
  2. Did I listen enough?
  3. Did I say my thank you prayers?
  4. Did I stop and focus on the beauty around me?
  5. Did I tell someone I loved them?
  6. Did I make a difference?