Friday, April 7, 2017

“I love you.” Although these are probably the most precious words in an language, they take on more meaning if you add a fourth word, “because.” How many times a day do you tell your spouse or your significant other “I love you?” Even though we love to hear those words, the reasons behind them are even more meaningful as the reasons may change from time to time.

Take time to offer a “because” today. I offer this to Mr. Wonderful.

I will always hold your hand.
You are my soul mate, my best friend, my lover, my rock.
Sometimes you really piss me off.
Sometimes you make me laugh so hard, I can hardly breathe.
Often, I look over at you, and I think how lucky I am.
Often, I listen to you snore, and I want to strangle you.
Always, though, I will hold your hand.

I will always love your hand around mine.
You are kind, thoughtful almost always.
You share when I often won’t.
You protect me even when I don’t need protecting.
You fix stuff and you put stuff together when I can’t be bothered.
You deal with stuff I don’t even want to think about.
Sometimes you forget things and mess up. You are human.
Always, though, I will hold your hand.

My hand in yours feels small and safe.
You have your ways, as I have mine
our lives together all these years have been mostly wonderful
it’s never perfect, and anyone who claims it is is lying or blind.
We love, we disagree, we laugh, we love, we forgive, we laugh some more

I will always hold your hand. I will never let go.