Saturday, April 1, 2017

“Je vois rouge.”

If you turn your head to the right, you will see what I see when I look into my vaporizer. Yup. A screaming bird. Is he screaming, “Get well, dummmy!” or “”Breathe me, idiot!” I don’t know, but I am at Red’s mercy. 

After four days with the nasty, I mean really nasty flu, “I see red” daily. In French, this expression means you are in a rage. I am. Enough already. Enough aches. Enough coughing until my body convulses. Enough congestion in my head. Enough of my bed. Enough feeling sorry for myself. 

The problem with feeling “a little better” is that you think you are better, but you’re not. So you start to act like a human being instead of an infected zombie, and voilà, you’re flat on
your back seeing red again.

I have no advice for people dealing with this germ. It’s a tough-it-out kind of experience. If you thought you were tough, I defy you to beat this in less than a week. If you aren’t tough, this will teach you tough like you never imagined.

There are some up sides to being sick, however, and here are a few of mine:

  1. you can stay in bed without guilt
  2. you can read and not worry about cleaning house or working out
  3. you don’t have to work out (you can’t)
  4. you can reflect, meditate and pray
  5. you can write weird blogs like this
  6. you can enjoy someone waiting on you and worrying about you (Thanks, Mr. Wonderful)
  7. you can binge watch all the episodes of every series you ever wanted to see
  8. you can clean out drawers
  9. you can write your will
  10. you can look around and be thankful for all you have.

Trying to avoid germs like this is like trying to avoid traffic jams by not driving. Germs, like stupid drivers, are everywhere, and all you can do is endure them. 

I am on the road to healthy. I pray there are no detours along the way.