Monday, April 24, 2017

Today, I offer my readers a blog written by my savvy, reflective daughter, Katey McPherson. Katey’s words always resonate with me, not just because she’s my daughter but because she is in the mainstream (single  mother of four daughters working night and day as an advocate for young people who need guidance in the area of cyber safety).

As I reflect on her blog, I am comforted by the concept of the comma. Having spent a restless night worrying about issues that I had labeled with “periods,” I now try to reframe them with commas. How about you?

Commas. Periods. Semicolons. I never know when to use them. I love to write, so that makes,it, hard, to know, when, to, use, them.  😏
I had never thought punctuation had another meaning. It was simply a way to express yourself. It puts pizazz in something! It ends a sentence. It makes lists: It makes you question things?
Until Easter. We ventured to a new church for Easter. Not because I didn't want to go to our beloved church, but honestly, getting 4 kids ready for Easter service at 7:45 a.m. made me tired just thinking of it. So we went to Saturday night service at a church down the road. I was kind of bummed, feeling like I was almost sac religious. But then something awesome happened.
The pastor began to recount the meaning of Easter. The pain, the death, the healing and the rebirth and resurrection. He kept saying over and over, "This was not a period, this was a comma".
He went on to outline that when in life you think something is over, it's really just begun. When something tragic happens, it's easy to put a period on it. When something tough happens to you, outside of your control, we often automatically put a period on it. Why don't we choose the comma? Why is everything so final? What if we looked at tough things, unfair things, not what I wanted, not what I deserved, I really wanted that but didn't get it things, as commas instead of periods?
You see, he explained, out of pain comes suffering and then healing in some way shape or form. Out of heartbreak comes vulnerability. Out of desire comes passion, and none of those are final events.
So this week I tried it. I put a comma on it. And it totally changed the way I saw things. Nothing was final.
The red paint on the carpet? Comma.
The nasty email from someone I have never met? CAPITAL COMMA.
The news that someone I love is ill, comma. That's not a period, that's still a comma. She's not done. She's just in the middle of a gigantic effing comma.
It's never impossible until it's done.
Jenna,Tammy Nash Naylorrr), Skyler Erin Koffman Smithhh), Emma Ildi Laczko-Kerrrr)Heather O'Kelley Boersmaaa, all examples of my commas,
Big, gigantic, successful, full of grit and grace commas.
So instead of a ring, put a comma on it.
Dare you. Let me know how it goes,,,,,