Saturday, April 8, 2017

What does this design say to you?

When you look at the handle of this water pitcher, what do you think of? What does the chain say to you?  Do you simply say, "Hmm, that's an interesting design?" "That looks sturdy." Does the chain bother you for any reason? Would you buy this pitcher? (It's $89, William Sonoma)

You could think "chain=confined." You might think "chain=bonding to each other," "chain=enslaved." Or you might not think about the chain at all. You are taking in the entire image, however, when you look at it, so the chain handle has something to do with the pitcher's weight, balance, symmetry.
So, who cares, and why are we talking pitchers at this hour of the morning? Because this pitcher represents perspective to me. An image jumps into my mind because I'm reading a novel about slavery, and my character has just been put in chains. Others might not see that at all. They might see the chain as a "bringing together," a "linking" of body and soul or a connection with friends or others of like mind. 
So what? So the point is that when we each look at an object, a situation, an event, a controversial issue, we bring our own perspectives. These perspectives could be completely opposite, but that's all the are:  perspectives. None are right or wrong; they are just different ways of looking at something. The pitcher is just that: a pitcher. The way we look at it says everything about us and nothing about the object.

Can you apply this prinicpal to a situation, an incident, an argument, a feeling? I can. And now I am more confused than ever about the issue. How did this work for you?:)