Wednesday, May 24, 2017


     A new friend of mine used the expression, “Not my universe!” the other day. I found that amusing and appropriate for various venues and situations lately. 

      What’s your universe? Answer the following questions for yourself, and see if the answers reveal anything about you. Maybe these should be questions couples answer for each other before they walk down the aisle.

  1. A leisurely day of fishing 
  2. A night out in the streets of New Orleans listening to jazz
  3. A visit to the local art institute
  4. A visit to the local gardens
  5. Zip-lining over a large canyon
  6. Rock climbing in harnesses
  7. Hiking a national park
  8. Attending a horse race
  9. Watching a football game in the local pub
  10. Attending a live hockey match
  11. Going to a rock concert in a huge outdoor venue
  12. Attending a boxing match
  13. Camping
  14. Taking a 15-day cruise
  15. Renting a boat and spending 3 months living on it
  16. Exploring the archives of a library
  17. Jet-skiing and paddle-boarding
  18. Skiing the Alps
  19. Going on an archaeological dig
  20. Chillin’ on the couch for 4 or 5 hours

    “A chacun son goût.” they say in French. To each his own. Obviously, many of these would assume a pretty healthy and strong physique. Some would require a spirit of adventure. Some would be of interest to the more passive individual. What stands out for you? Any surprises?

    Mr. Wonderful and I walked several blocks (me in stilettos, bien sûr) to a gourmet restaurant in New Orleans last night. We had a marvelous meal in a garden setting. We felt like we were in Europe. People talked softly enjoying their conversations and wine. We walked back the gaslit streets of this vibrant, historic city. On our way back to the hotel, we took a peak down Bourbon Street. People were yelling, laughing, fists full of cigarettes and beer, music blaring. I said to Mr. W., “Not my universe.” Some might say, “How can you, a musician and not want to experience this live music scene so famous for its jazz?” Simple. I don’t like crowds of half-drunk people smoking in my face, and I’m not terribly fond of jazz. We took a picture, and I said to myself, ‘That’s their universe, and I’m glad they’re enjoying it.” We continued our quiet walk in the balmy air back to the hotel. I stuck my nose back into my excellent novel and drifted off to sleep. 

      There are only nine or ten of the above which would interest me. How about you? Do you judge people by what they do? Do you put them in boxes in your head based on their choice of universe? Do you ever say, “People like that . . . .” Do you think Type A personalities enjoy different activities than those of a less intense nature? Do you equate leisure time taste with social or economic class? Hmm. Do I? Gives one pause, n’est-ce pas?