Tuesday, May 30, 2017

     There are always special moments when we visit our Arizona family. The most obvious are those we spend with your precious grand-daughters watching them and listening to them. This gives us a glimpse into their young lives so foreign to us and so far away. 

     I love watching them and watching my daughter watch them. Her eyes glisten with tears and pride, as do mine because we both know how fast the years fly by. When they play together, I can see parts of my daughter in them. When they want to show off, I see parts of myself in them. Tonight we will have the family concert for which Ava has already prepared the program.

     Then there are moments when they are at school, and Mr. Wonderful and I have time to

enjoy the fresh desert air and the serenity of our favorite nearby park and walk.

     Finally, there are the treasured moments when I get one-on-one with my daughter, single mom of four, who juggles motherhood, work requiring travel across the globe and all the other demands made on young women these days. A lunch alone is a gift, a much-cherished one.