Tuesday, May 9, 2017

     Do you like to travel? What kinds of venues energize you or entice you? Are you a nature lover who wants to feel Mother Earth under your feet, or do you prefer losing yourself in museums and architectural wonders? Just like a piece of art or a good read, traveling is personal taste. Some enjoy the ride while others prefer to watch the landscape unfold in the comfort of their couches. I know people who plan the following trip while on the one they’re taking. I know others who can’t be bothered with all the planning, packing and stress of visiting other lands. No question about it—-traveling takes energy, time and organization, not to mention money.

     Mr. Wonderful and I are poised to take a 35-day trek across the country to hike the National Parks we have not yet seen. We did most of Arizona, Utah and California, so we will head for Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota, taking in more of Colorado and New Mexico on the way home. It will be a true adventure, particularly since we will ride top down in our “Joie.” I pray my buttocks does not take on the shape of a bucket seat, but at my age, who cares? 

     We have two trunks in our car, so there should be ample space for my 4 pairs of stilettos, two pairs of hiking boots, a pair of running shoes and a skirt or two. I am challenging myself to minimal make-up and hair gear. We’ll see how that flies. I may find myself in a mall two days in because I’ve scared strangers and wait staff.

     We will take in such jewels as the World War II Museum in New Orleans, the historic lodges in the Grand Tetons and Glacier National, and we will enjoy the art community in Santa Fe. After extensive travel in Europe over the years, we are looking forward to exploring our own beautiful country before it melts. Thank you, God, for giving us the stamina to shift into the sunshine.

     Are you a hiker? a cruiser? a cyclist? a camper? a sailor? a beach freak? Where will you go next? Will you travel solo? with your family? with your spouse? with friends? Wherever you go, enjoy. Take lots of photos, and remember, every day is precious so live your dreams while you’re healthy and still have the get-up to go.