Friday, May 19, 2017

     If I touch one life, make one person think about something meaningful, if I challenge one person to take “the first step,” then my daily blogging is worthwhile. I have said before that I don’t know 98% of my followers. Every once in a while, someone will write me an email and tell me they have been reading my daily musings, and I am always surprised. I am a
blogger, not a bloggee. I don’t read other’s blogs, not because I wouldn’t enjoy them; I just don’t know of any, and it’s all I can do to write my own and get on with my “to do” list.

   Today, I got down on my knees once again to say thankful prayers to the Big Guy. I told my daughter last week-end that if I died tomorrow, I have done everything I ever wanted to do, been everywhere I ever wanted to go (some numerous times), experienced all I could ever have dreamed, and I have no major regrets. I wasn’t saying that to brag; I was saying that to let her know that she should never grieve for what I didn’t get to do or be. After my thank you prayers, I prayed for friends who are ill, some who are recovering from surgery, some whose problems weigh heavy, some who are in constant pain, some who are simply clueless. I pray for our country to somehow find a place “in the middle” where the happiness and prosperity of all are more important than one party’s agenda or one man’s power trip. I pray mostly for strength for myself to be able to help those in need and keep perspective when my own issues begin to cloud the picture. So many prayers. I know He hears them, and He will answer them in HIs own time and His own way. 

     Today, the sun shines again. It shines everyday where I live, and for that, I feel blessed. It’s amazing how much more I can accomplish even when I’m not lying in it. Today, I will work hard, spend time with a good friend, do errands, have dinner with more friends and hug Mr. Wonderful. I am grateful that I can see, walk, drive, hear, chew and talk. That may sound pathetic so some, but we take all these gifts for granted, and until someone we know loses the ability to do any one of them, we don’t stop to think about how fortunate we are for the “given.”

     Some days, it’s not about my touching lives; sometimes it’s about others’ touching mine. I celebrate my friend, Betty, who will blow out her birthday candles tonight. She is a role model of strength and positive energy having fought a horrific cancer battle for years after they told her she only had six months to live. Her story touches my heart and speaks to what really matters. Today, I celebrate Betty and all like her whose quiet battles remind us of how we all need to squeeze every ounce of joy, gratitude and fun out of every day.