Wednesday, May 17, 2017

You didn't really say those three words, did you?! 


     FYI, don’t hand me your FYA. Not hearing of it. Nope. Not going there. Nor are you. Well, you are, and then you won’t like it there either.

     FYA stands for “For Your Age.” Are you effen kidding me? When you tell me I’m beautiful, sexy, attractive, cute, energetic, and you add the three-letter word to it, I just want to poke your eyes out. Yup. I do. FYA should not describe anyone under the age of 80. Haven’t you heard “60 is the new 40?” Well, this means that 70 is the new 45, right? 75, the new 47. I wasn’t a math wiz for nothing, you know. I know when I’m being played. 

     FYI, FMA, I am one hot maman, and you’d best not mess with me, especially when it comes to fractions.