Wednesday, June 7, 2017

     My beloved father taught me that every experience, positive or negative, is one which teaches and potentially builds character. On our 35-day trek out west, we have met some interesting people and some weird characters. We have had memorable stays in beautiful hotels and rustic cabins. We have seen luxury and poverty. We have eaten crap and gourmet meals. We have slept well and not. We have laughed, cried and prayed. On day 18, we still like each other, and that’s a good thing after being together 24-7 in a tiny car and close quarters.

  We have seen terrain that we never could have imagined. We have hiked trails dodging horse doo and gasped as we climbed a path and came face to face with a mountain range powdered with snow. We have marveled at glass lakes and giant-size elks. We have sat without speaking, simply happy to hear each others’ breath and share nature’s gifts.

     Last night, we had dinner with a delightful young man whose rags-to-riches story would boggle your mind. We were impressed that not only does he run a foundation that is providing college tuition to 7200 needy students, but he has just begun taking courses toward his BA because his family couldn’t afford to send him to school. Stories like these give people like us faith in the younger generations and prove that perseverance and hard work can really make a difference.

     Today is the first day that the sun is not brightly shining. We aren’t sad, as we know that the rains will  make this National Park more green, the flowers more yellow and the baby car more clean.