Friday, June 9, 2017

     It has taken me many years to understand that no one, and I mean not one single person, is interested in seeing any of our vacation photos. They don’t even want to see our grandchildren photos. Why is this? I’m not sure. In order to understand this, I asked myself if I am interested in others’ photos. The truth, now, missy. Hmm. I am interested in seeing one or two photos of anything, but that’s it. If I have been to a destination where someone has recently returned, I might be interested in seeing a half dozen, only to see if their impressions matched mine or if things have changed since my visit. If I want to go to the destination of your photos, I might look for longer to see if the reality matches what I imagine the place to look like. 

     Grandchildren? I am interested from ages eight months to about four years. After that, not so much. This doesn’t mean I don’t like my friends or their families; it simply means I’m not interested. 

     Now if someone wants to invite us to dinner and offer us a 15 minute (Max. please) slideshow of some fabulous trip with very little narration and some pleasant music, that I would enjoy. Other than that. No thanks. No slideshows of family, please.

     I find that once our trip is over, I am onto other things, and I rarely talk about our travels unless there is a funny story involved. If this is the case, I tell it as quickly as possible with as few details as I can manage. No one wants to hear the hard-cover version.

     Facebook has been a welcome solution to this issue. Any of us can post photos, and if people want to look at them, they can. If they’re interested, they may comment, or “like” one, but if they are bored or uninterested, they can ignore the posts, and the originator will never know the difference. I have been known to post some of our better shots (even as recently as 10 minutes ago), but I never post more than three or four.

      I do not post food, animals or large groups of people. What’s the point? If you want to see food, go to the food channel. Food is very hard to photograph without looking disgusting, and I’m really not interested in what you eat or drink unless you want to share it with me fresh out of the oven or wine cooler. I like animals, but I’m really not interested in what pet spa you are sending your lab to or how his teething is going. The bison at Yellowstone kept my attention for about 12 seconds, and then I was done. Some people were out there taking hundreds of shots of these lumbering giants. Not my thing. Nor are the holes with steam spouting out of them every 90 minutes. I prefer zoos and recipe books.

     Do I like to look at gorgeous scenery? Of course, in person for long periods of time, otherwise, In short stints, not for an entire Saturday evening. That’s what the nature channel is for. 

     How about you? Do you like to look at others’ family photos? travel photos? 

Notice there are no photos attached here:)