Saturday, June 3, 2017


     I know that many of you out there have said at some time in your life, and maybe even some time in the last several days, “Wow. The timing just isn’t right,” or “Wow, that was great timing.” 
Today, I had a minor incident that speaks to this point.

    Mr. Wonderful and I were hiking along the river here in gorgeous Zion National Park. I was struttin’ along in my New Balance sneakers, and we decided to take a snack break along the riverbed. The view of the awesome sculptured rock facing us distracted me from the blood that was running down my shin. Wtf? I didn’t even feel a pinch, a prick, a bump, and there was blood dribbling onto my sock. Mr. W. said, “What happened?” I swallowed my Ritz cracker, and gulped, “I have no idea.” There on my shin was a gash. It looked like I had run into something, but I never felt a thing. I said, “Omg. Do you have a bandaid in the backpack?” He didn’t, but he was wise enough to have stuck several napkins in there so he gave me one to hold on the cut. Just at that moment, a couple came by and in broken English asked concerned, “Are you ok?” “Yes,” I answered, “but might you have a bandaid?” They mumbled something with a smile and pulled out a bandaid and waved good-bye. I looked at Mr. W. in disbelief. How did they just happen along when I needed them? Who knows, but thank goodness they did. 

     Sometimes people show up in our lives at the strangest times. Some of these people hurt us, some help us, some anger us, some lift us up. We never know who will show up or when, and we certainly have no idea why. This is one of the fascinating things about life. These people were kind and caring, and they didn’t stick around for gushy thank yous. I could say something trite like “Pay it forward.” (Consider it said). But the truth is, when these things happen, it is a reminder of the randomness of events. We can sit around and feel sorry for ourselves that people have betrayed us, or we can write about those who are kind and lift us up. What we need to remember is that life is consistently random, and when we have a chance to lift rather than lower, the beauty of that moment makes the world a sweeter place. 

     I asked myself, “What have I done in a random moment that maybe lifted someone’s spirits?” Ask yourself that question.