Tuesday, June 13, 2017

     Montana is a beautiful state. It has miles and miles of gorgeous snow-peaked mountains, towns framed in forested foothills, lakes that are so blue, some even turquoise, you’d think you were in the Caribbean. But, Montana has “NO SERVICES.” I saw the signs, but I didn’t believe them. Here are the most frequent:

Road Work Ahead - Loose Gravel (You wouldn’t have wanted to see Mr. Wonderful’s face every time that one popped up.)
No Services
Closed for Renovation
One Lane Road Ahead
Out of Order
Road Closed
Next Rest Stop 437 miles

     We left our hotel this morning at 7:26 a.m. after enjoying  a delicious Hampton Inn “free” breakfast. At 10:30, we started feeling some hunger pangs, so we decided to begin our search for a place for lunch. For those who haven’t had the luxury of traveling in a small car six to eight hours a day, lunch is the highlight of the journey. You count the minutes until you see a sign of a place you’d like to relax and eat. Montana has no such places. If you’re really lucky, you might spot a Mc Donalds or a Wendys. If you are in Montana, you’re lucky to even spot a knife and fork sign. People in Montana apparently don’t eat. Montana folk are famous for their beef, so maybe they just consume a steak a week, and they don’t need any other restaurants. We drove at least two hours without seeing a sign of a restaurant or a rest stop. (I suppose if you don’t travel or eat, you don’t need to rest or whatever:)

     We arrived at our hotel at 4:39 pm. (That’s nine hours, thankyouverymuch). When we pulled up in our roadster, there were several tractors in the entrance, and the jackhammers were busy pounding pounding pounding. “Oh, boy!” I said. “This is going to be fun.” Mr. Wonderful had that tight-lipped look like when his Raisin Bran isn’t working. When the nice man asked for our “Government” card, I thought Mr.W. was going to lose it. “I have it in the car, “ I piped. Out I dashed to prove to the “nice man” that we really did deserve the cheap $91/night rate instead of the usual $147/night rate. (I wonder if they give you a jackhammer discount here.)

    We are here safe and sound, and, guess what? They have recently renovated all the rooms, so we have new carpet and a new shower. This is good. And the Cracker Barrel is down the street, so we can eat cheap(ly) and save up for our return to New Orleans on the way home.
It’s all good. 

     This lake is called “Lake Salmon.” Maybe we should drive back there and fish for dinner. Beats mashed potatoes and gravy, but I don’t think we’d get there until Thursday.