Saturday, June 10, 2017

     This morning, as I look into the brightly-lit mirror at our hotel, I sigh as my jowls get deeper, and my wrinkles are more pronounced. Mr. Wonderful remarked on the way to dinner, last night, “Look at us. Two old farts.” Hmm. That was cause for pause (or maybe paws). It is not easy to deal with this aging process in a society that reveres youth and beauty.

     When we returned from dinner, and I realized I was totally out of control on the sugar count, I promised myself that “Tomorrow, I will get back on the healthy diet.” Yup, that’s the only thing I can do to counteract the aging process—keep the body fit as much as gravity will allow. 

     It is easy to get sucked into the “How-do-I-look” bubble and ignore what’s really important. When 70-somethings compare ourselves to 40-somethings, we are always going to come up short. It is inevitable. 

     But “what’s really important” is to focus our thinking on “What can I do for my friends who are suffering today?” I have a friend who just endured a second surgery for cancer. I have a friend who was told that there are no trials for her kind of cancer, and “maybe the new drug will work.” I have a friend who worries every time she has to go in for her 3-month check up to be sure the cancer has not returned. I have a friend whose son’s M.S. is getting worse to the point that he has to walk with a cane. He’s 46. What kind of bubble do these people live in? I’m sure they’re not worried about the aging process.

     It is so easy to let myself fall into the superficial values that jump before us on TV, in the media, in magazines. No one talks about “the bubble.” I suppose the answer is to change the “bubble,” so you’re rarely in it. Better yet, maybe I need to change my “bubble”  to the “How blessed am I?” bubble instead of the “How-long-will-my cheeks stay apple-ed?” 

     What “bubble” are you in today? Do you need to change it up?