Monday, June 5, 2017

     My voice has no vocal chords. It has no words, but my voice has soul, strength, spirit, and passion . It can soothe, strengthen, calm, excite, inspire and humble. My voice is in my fingers as they caress the keys of my instrument. My voice is my music. 

     Living in a world rife with hatred, violence, divisiveness and distrust, we may ask ourselves, “How do I find my voice? What can I do? What is one small voice, however positive, however strong, going to be able to do in a world that has seemingly gone mad?”

      My answer, this morning, is to consider that your voice is more than your vocal chords; it is a part of you that can resonate with some group of people in some way that can make a difference. Maybe you play the piano like me and can bring temporary joy to a small audience. Maybe you sing and can bring light to those who listen. Maybe you are an actor who can take your message to the stage. Maybe you are a teacher who can weave joy and laughter into your lesson plans. Maybe you are a gardener who could help someone plant some flowers, or maybe you are just an empathetic listener who could find someone who needs an ear. 

     What part of you is your voice, and how can you make it heard?