Thursday, June 22, 2017

     One of the ways Mr. Wonderful and I survived the long hours of driving was to listen to Audio books. The second one, Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight, founder of Nike, was excellent. This memoir was riveting. The story of a self-made man who turned a $500 loan from his reluctant father into a multi-billion-dollar business is both fascinating and inspiring. If you ever thought you couldn’t do something you really wanted to do, this is the book to read.

     We both listened intently—Mark intrigued because of his business background and me inspired by the author's “never give up!” philosophy. He said, “You can stop, but don’t ever give up!” As I have been trying to decide what is next on my performance list, clarity came as a result
of listening to this man’s story. He was rejected, in deep debt, scorned, scolded, mocked and shamed, but he never gave up on his passion and principles. It wasn’t about the money; it was about leaving a legacy, and, Lord knows, Nike sure did that.

     Wherever I focus, it’s amazing what I see. With my mind spinning from reading about  the determination and resilience of this young man (now older than me), I saw Nike everywhere we went. I was in the Ladies Room, and the woman at the sink next to me had on Nike flip flops. I was reading the paper this morning, and I saw the update for Nike stocks. I dreamed I met a god named Nike while traveling on another planet (not really, but I thought I’d throw that in there to be sure you were paying attention).

     Books are so wonderful. If you remember one sentence that moves you, inspires you, resonates, it was worth the read or time listening. We love the fact that our favorite breakfast spot, Cracker Barrel (I don’t wear my mask in there anymore) rents audio books. You simply pay for the book ($42.95), listen to it, and return it to any Cracker Barrel in any state. They charge you five bucks or so for the use, and return the balance to your account. It’s genius! Besides I love the French toast. Just think, you can get inspired and fall into carb coma all in the same day:)