Thursday, July 6, 2017

     In a world where a police officer sitting in her truck can get shot to death, where our President tweets nightly blaming someone for something, where a woman gets attacked by a bear while walking her dogs in a park and where people spread hate all over social media, how can we find something to celebrate? There is always something to celebrate. 

     When our vehicle issues cost more than our mortgage payment, when my doctor’s appointment scares me more than my age, when there’s more hair on the bathroom floor than on my head, what is there to celebrate?

     There is always something to celebrate; we just have to be more vigilant in our focus and perspective.

     Life is random. Bad things occur. Explanations are non-existent. Everyone has a pile, and that pile grows and diminishes with the ebb and flow of the wind. There are no answers to life’s riddles; just a need for acceptance, hope and faith. 

     The older I get, the more I try to focus on the positive. I still have hair. We have a home. The car will get fixed. The doctor is only one voice; there are others. Easy to say, I know, but saying it, writing it, helps to believe it. 

     Do you have challenging issues this morning? What can you celebrate? I will start by sending a get well card to someone who is dealing with much worse than I could imagine. What will you do?