Friday, July 28, 2017

     BALANCE. What does this mean to you? Balance, to me, means that I am leading the lifestyle that is comfortable for me—a combination of work, play, reflection and rest. When we are in the mainstream working every day (and sometimes nights as well), it is much more challenging to find the right balance. Most often, we have no choice—work will dominate, or family will take over and everything else gets shoved into the “to do” pile. 

     Believe it or not, balance can be an issue in retirement as well, at least for people like yours truly who has not given up structure, productivity and learning. The balance of the above can change depending on volunteer obligations that can become all-consuming and golf games that just piss you off because you can’t keep your head down. Life is a balance, and I believe there is a constant need to examine, reflect and juggle. For me, that’s half the fun of living—can I do it all? can I just relax? can I do it and relax too? 

      I am finding myself telling my out-of-state friends, “I’ll call you at the end of next week. Not much going on right now.” “Not much going on,” for me, means there’s nothing exciting to relate. Well, guess what? It’s exciting to wake up happy. It’s thrilling to be healthy. It’s an effen miracle at my age to be both. Next week, some exciting things will happen, so I will have more to tell. Of course, talking to my friends isn’t just about my life; it’s about theirs too—sometimes more about theirs. As these monthly phone calls usually last close to an hour, I like to pack as much in them as possible, thus the postponing. 

     How is the balance in your life? If you are saying, “I’m so exhausted,” “There are never enough hours in the day,” “How will I find time to do that?” then your balance needs some checking. Maybe you can fix it, maybe not, but it’s sure worth examining. If you knew you were going somewhere for a month and you had to get everything done before you went, what would your priorities be? What if you thought you might not come back? Would that make a difference? The point? What are your priorities? Getting the work done or spending quality time with loved ones or quiet time alone? Hmm. Food for thought.

      If I have too much to do, I am crazed. If I don’t have enough to do, I’m depressed. Much of this question has to do with being self-aware. Are you self-aware? Hmm. I just assumed everyone was, but my life coach friend tells me that’s not true. Some people just go along without reflection, without balance, without quality time with whomever. Maybe they’re better off. Who knows?