Friday, July 7, 2017


     Yup. Goal-setting time again. Have I written about goals. Ahh. . . YESSSSssss. I know. You’re probably tired of me talking about them, but writing about them doesn’t qualify for “staying quiet about them.” Writing about them helps establish them, and then they get put away for a few months before I take them out and ask myself, “What the hell were you thinking, girl?”

     I am now on two Boards (bailed on the third). Am I enjoying this? Not sure yet. After receiving at least 25 emails a week for the past month from various Board members of each organization, I’m asking myself, “And I signed up for this why?” I do enjoy the people though, and that’s why I offered to serve. I somehow have this misconception that if I’m “out there,” it will be easier to meet people. Time will tell if that’s true, but being “out there” also means being responsible and accountable, and I forgot about that part. That part sucks. That’s the part that makes you ask yourself, “Why did I raise my effen hand?”

          The third organization of which I have been a member off and on for the past 30+ years is the one with which I’m struggling. This is a performance organization where I have to stand up in front of people, speak and be judged. I am asking myself why I continue to put myself in these positions at my age. Don’t I know if I’m good or not? Don’t I know that some who judge are not as good as I am? Don’t I know that some who criticize are jealous? Don’t I know that I can still learn something even from those who aren’t as good as me? Yup. I know all that. Do I need this group? Not sure. Do I need more goals? Not really. Do I need the pressure to perform? No. Do I need to keep my skills honed? Yup. Do I have any potential friendships in this organization? Don’t know yet. Do I need more friends? Not really.Hmm. Still weighing. My goal is to set a goal about continuing with this group. Goal:  Stay quiet. 

      How about you? Is there a time of the year that you set goals? Do you write them down? Do you talk about them? Do you reach them? Do you “clap for your damn self?” Are goals over-rated? Do you teach your children to be goal-setters? Were your parents goal oriented? 

"DECIDE what it is you really want to do in this world, the one thing that, 150 years from now, will still cause people to exclaim, 'He was here, he did something "AMAZING.' And then grab some Tostitos and go watch ESPN. That's enough self-delusional bullshit for one day."
- Buster Guru