Tuesday, July 4, 2017



     Today, on this 4th of July, I am fortunate enough to have time to reflect. There were many years when reflecting was not even on a wish list—too much else on my plate. Do you have reflection time? It’s so important to keep ourselves grounded. I realize it’s a true luxury for those with children who are tugging on you night and day, consuming every ounce of your energy and thought. Who has time to actually think, much less reflect? I sure didn’t, and the rare times I did, I was sometimes not happy with the results. 

     As I reflect on the past year, I’ve determined a few things. 

  1. Moving is stressful but invigorating and energizing.
  2. Downsizing is a big adjustment, but if we’re good at reframing things, it can be wonderful.
  3. Leaving friends is very difficult, and the older you are when you do it, the harder it is. Still miss our friends a lot.
  4. Making new friends is fun but much easier if you have kids or dogs.
  5. Dogs ground you. I wish we could have one. Nothing like unconditional love!
  6. Living near the ocean or gulf is grounding and never gets old!
  7. Having a lot of money in retirement is important. We don’t.
  8. Entertaining yourself in retirement is easy for some, challenging for people like me who loved my work—even after 12 years, I miss it.
  9. Having a pool is a joy. A daily dip is like a good meditation.
  10. Hard work always pays off. Three successful one-woman shows under my belt, and I’m raring to go on the 4th!
  11. Good books are gifts for the soul.
  12. Music soothes and heals.
  13. Travel broadens, gives perspective and regenerates. Love traveling. Save your pennies.
  14. Florida weather is wonderful. Every morning, I wake up to sunshine.
  15. Living with another person is never easy. Living without him would be a nightmare.Having a lot in common enriches the marriage and keeps it fresh. I am blessed with a soul mate of 24 years. 
  16. Aging sucks, but keeping a positive attitude keeps you young.
  17. Convertibles rock.
  18. Choice is a luxury.
  19. Volunteering is important, but it can take over your life if you let it.
  20. Nature rules!

     As we drove 9000 miles out west, we were reminded of just how vast and beautiful our country really is. I have been to Europe 17 times and traveled throughout many countries there. I love Europe, and we hope to go again. The United States is equally as beautiful, however, and when we drive through gorgeous countryside and view stunning mountains and rivers, I am reminded of the freedom we all take for granted and the beauty there is to enjoy. 

     Today, I am grateful for America’s beauty, my freedom, and the luxury of a loving family, cherished friendships and good health. What’s my biggest wish? More of the same.