Thursday, July 27, 2017

     There are advantages of being old. As I sit here this morning sipping my coffee, I am considering making my “By the time I am 80 list. I realize this kind of contradicts my “Live in the moment” philosophy, but when you’re old like me, you can contradict, preach, philosophize—no one gives a damn anyway, so here goes.

     In the next five years, I will:

  1. Perform at least two more one-woman shows (total would then be 5)
  2. Finish my certification for the “Distinguished Toastmaster”
  3. Take courses in history and psychology
  4. Return to at least two of three foreign countries I love   (Italy, France, Switzerland)
  5. Spend time away with girlfriends
  6. Spend quality one-on-one time with my daughters
  7. Spend quality one-on-one time with each of my seven grand-children
  8. Self-publish at least one more book
  9. Record at least three more discs (Gershwin, Rachmaninov, Holiday Music)
  10. Make a difference in someone’s life whom I have not yet met
  11. Climb more mountains
  12. Take more risks
  13. Smell more roses
  14. Help more helpless
  15. Show more compassion and gratitude
  16. Buy a kitty
  17. Clean my closet

      In the process of achieving these goals, I am well aware that I will have to do the following;

  1. Dodge several health bullets
  2. Accept setbacks
  3. Ignore naysayers
  4. Accept achievements at a slower rate
  5. Remember that no one gives a damn about these but me
  6. Lose a friend or two along the way
  7. Go through “Why am I doing this?” stages
  8. Assume there will be no recognition for any 
  9. Accept that this is how I am wired. Complacency isn’t in my wiring.
  10. Accept being ignored.


     Throughout the next six years, I pray that Mr. Wonderful will be at my side encouraging me one day, ignoring me the next, doubting me sometimes, but always loving me. 

     Realizing that you, my loyal readers probably don’t care about my list, maybe it will inspire one of you to make one. Maybe one thing I listed will resonate with you, and you will go out and climb a mountain or clean your closet. Maybe you will roll your eyes and say to yourself, “Why doesn’t that “folle” just relax?” N’importe. I wrote my blog today, and it’s only 5:53 a.m. What have you done so far?:)