Monday, July 31, 2017



I am numb to a world run by twitter and thumbs
I am stunned by the state of our hate
I am sad for the selfish of selves

I am hoping it’s not way too late.

Where is the love? Where is the “we?”
What happened to change it to all about “me?”
Why can’t we get back to “”us,” “we” and “all?”
I feel so powerless, saddened and small.

God is still here. What must He think?
Our water polluted? our rivers now stink
What must He feel? Is news fake or real?
I’m appalled by those fools who lie, cheat and steal.

Boundaries are gone. Free-for-all reigns
It’s all about money, power and gain
The poor and down-trodden are left in the wake
I fear it’s just wealth and greed for its sake.

I know there is kindness, compassion and hope
If I didn’t believe, I sure couldn’t cope
When will the pendulum swing to the humble
I’m down on my knees, “Give me strength, Lord,” I mumble.