Friday, September 8, 2017

     Friday, September 8, 2017, a day to remember? Why? Because it may be my last day of my sanity as Mr. Wonderful knows it. He has no idea what I’m like when I am confined in an aluminum cave with no sunshine. He hasn’t heard the howl of a wonder woman without her powers. When she cannot control her environment and cannot escape, there is only one place for her ire to go. (Good luck with that, sweet man:)

     It’s off to the grocery store (again) this morning. Hoping to beat the crowds and find a banana or two and maybe some molasses cookies. These essentials will tide us over while the rest of the world has wine tastings in their closets. Assuming the electricity will be a luxury, we are stocking up on batteries. I will be practicing my Full Moon and Empty arms with no moon in sight and arms flailing.

      I figure once the storm actually hits, I will be totally insane, and Mr. Wonderful will think he’s living in a horror flick. He will be pulling on the few hairs left on his head, and he will wander from room to room feeling his way with the swiffer so as to keep things neat and clean while he’s mourning his past life.

     Praying that we will all have a sense of humor when this is all over, as there is absolutely nothing funny about any of this right now. We are all terrified, and any and all prayers are welcome.