Friday, November 10, 2017

            BOOK CLUB

     The book club:  A loosely-knit group of people coming together to discuss a book that someone thinks might be good but isn’t. 

  A tightly-knit group of women who come together to talk without discussing the chosen book.

  A group of people who want to show each other how smart they are by reading a designated book and offering an off-the-wall opinion that sparks a heated discussion.
           Do you belong to a book club? I know people who belong to multiple book clubs. When I asked an acquaintance the other day if she wanted to be in a book club that I find myself running, she said, “No. I like to choose my own books and read at my own pace.” That was my response for the first 70 years of my life. This year, I decided to give it a go. After all, I was a literature teacher. I facilitated discussions about books for years; however, I was the one choosing the books. 

            When I was not present, the group decided to read the memoir of Carrie Fisher. I knew nothing about this woman, nor did I see any of her films, with the exception of the first Star Wars in 1977. At that time, I was trying to figure out how to juggle toddlers, play tennis and decide whether to stay married. Star Wars was a blur. I do remember a young woman with buns on either side of her face. She looked like a cute hamburger. This was the extent of my Carrie Fisher knowledge. 

             Last night, I facilitated The Princess Diarist discussion. There were five ladies. I am good friends with one of them. the others I know only casually. By the end of the discussion, I learned about people’s attitudes about love affairs, fantasy, writing style and movie stars. Ah, how the Book Club can enlighten. One woman’s interpretation was the complete opposite of mine. Another’s made it clear that she would not have wanted to know about my love life in my divorced years. Another agreed with everything I said, and I came away loving a book that I initially thought was junk. 

              What can you tell about someone by their book choices? Are you a fiction or a non-fiction reader? Are non-fiction readers smarter than fiction ones? Do you read both? If you had to link your personality traits with you reading choices, how would you describe that? Hmm. John Grisham or Bill O’Reilly? F.S. Fitzgerald or Kurt Vonnegut? Jodi Picoult or Nicolas Sparks? Erik Larson or Bill Bryson? Brené Brown or Depak Chopra?

              Are you a day reader or a night owl? Do you read several books a week or one a month? Do you feel lost without a book in your hand or without one available? If you had to take three things to a desert island for a month, would a book be one of them? 

              Now that I’ve ruined your morning by sending you into a self-reflective snit, have a great week!