Tuesday, November 14, 2017


     I am getting close to my “SELL BY” date. Yup. If I don’t get to a few things on my bucket list soon, I am going to expire, and this will not be pretty. It’s not like I would become wilted lettuce. At least that’s graceful, and you can even make center pieces out of the butter bunch. No, my “sell by” would look more like an over-ripe banana—brown spotted, faded yellow with mush and strings inside. No, not pretty at all.

     There comes a time when we know change is in the air, and regardless of whether we want to inhale, we must. What is your “SELL BY” date telling you? Time to retire? Time to stop eating so much? Time to let go of the stress and reinvent? 

     What’s stopping you? Fear? Money? Time? Energy? Age? Naysayers? Every moment of this life is precious; there is no reason to continue doing the same things if they are not nurturing, energizing and fulfilling you. 

     I am already thinking about what I want to accomplish by 80 and 90. I’m not done yet. Some are done at half my age; they just don’t recognize it. Every day we are healthy, we have more opportunities than ever before to make a change, make a difference. Don’t let your “SELL BY” date catch up to you. Start today. Dream the dream. Articulate the dream and live the dream.