Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Today, I share the beauty of nature 15 minutes from home. The above two photos are the man-made venue for our International Rowing Championships. The Finishing Tower allows judges to make their decisions from above, and the lake is divided into lanes for the rowers. We enjoyed the first event in September, and there are more to come. When there are no competitions, residents of Sarasota may use the park to walk, run, skate and bike. It's beautiful, and I'm guessing about 10-12 miles all the way around. There are three paths from which to choose. Mr. Wonderful and I did 30 minutes, and it was invigorating and lovely.

The bottom photo is sunset at the Celery Fields. This is a nature preserve/marsh with a large hill and many miles of paths around lakes and ponds. It's a great workout place close to home, and you can watch igrets, ibis, alligators and people while listening to the lions roar at the Cat Habitat next door:)

Who says Florida is only beaches? Feeling lucky today.