Sunday, January 7, 2018

     I had an epiphany last night. As my 10-year-old grand-daughter, Ava, stood before the rest of our little family of six, narrating the story of the Epiphany (after showing us a video she found online), I realized all the more how much I miss my daughter and my grandchildren. Thank heavens, I chose the coldest week this winter to head west so I could revel in a few days of fun and merriment with the Mc5.

     We all dressed up in our finest (except Mom, who was too busy coordinating the costuming), and Ava prepared the table for our Epiphany celebration.

     We toasted in plastic champagne glasses sloshing fruit punch, and we each spoke our gratitude and prepared to share our talents.

    The meal was delicious, as Mia, Katey and Mémé worked hard to make it very special. Turkey in a bag was just the ticket, but neither of us are good carvers, so the slices were more like bites, but it tasted good, and it filled our tummies. Mia’s cheesecake was fabulous, and everyone actually ate fairly well, even Ella who is not into eating anything. With Mémés gentle reminders the day before, I heard many thank yous and kind words, and no one argued for the entire meal.

     After dinner, we went downstairs (all of us in stilettos), and each of us performed. Emma’s vocal Silent Night was sweet and touching, and Ella’s Jingle Bells on the piano was also heartwarming. Mia finally sang a little, and that was a major breakthrough. Ava plays the violin, but she was too busy coordinating to perform, so her gift was as our “leader.” Mama stood and told us how it felt to give birth to her beautiful daughters and why she was so grateful to have them, and Mémé tried, unsuccessfully, to accompany Mia. She did come up with a quick duet with Ava though at the last minute. 

     Oh, I forgot, everyone opened Mémé’s gifts (as this was also our Christmas together). The gifts were perfect choices, as the girls all picked them out in advance. I went with each of them, and they wrote down several choices at their favorite stores, and then I went back and chose from their lists. They were semi-surprised, but delighted. Ava got 6 books, Mia got a gift card and a cookbook, the twins got some kind of weird toys they like, and everyone was happy. Katey cried when I gave her the new photos of her step-father and me. I am telling myself it was because she was touched not horrified by our age:)

    What a glorious time I am having. Today, we will head to church and then to the horse farm, as Mia wants to learn horse grooming so she can ride. So many new adventures for me, and I am loving every one.

    Tomorrow they all go back to school, and it will be time for one on one with my precious daughter. How she gets anything accomplished is beyond my comprehension. Those of you with multiple children can relate, and I say Kudos to you all for being incredible jugglers.

     What an epiphany for me:  I must come here more often and to Grand Rapids too so the years don’t disappear without my creating precious memories at every stage of their lives.

     Did I mention that Grant is off to college in the fall? How can this be? I was just playing hockey with him in the basement when he was four!

P.S.  Many thanks to my very very dear friend, Joyce, who inspired this celebration and sent me so many great ideas. This is only year one, my friend. I plan to make this a yearly Epiphany. Love you!

Cheeseboard + fruit prepared by 11-year-old Mia:)