Friday, January 12, 2018

This morning as I attempt to catch up on my life set aside for a week with my girls, I find myself praying for strangers, friends and politicians whose lives impact so many. 

My daughter’s boyfriend’s mom had a stroke Wednesday, and she is fighting to survive. My nine-year-old grand-daughter is dealing with diabetes and strep at the same time. My close friend is dealing with answers to her cancer that no one seems to have, and other friends are dealing with horrific diseases that have compromised their lifestyles and put them into the ‘one-day-at-a-time’ mindset. How small I feel as I kneel at my bedside praying for answers and comfort. 

There are no words. There is little I can do other than pray and keep myself strong so I can be a support for so many people I care about. 

And then there’s our President calling people names and directing the demise of Medicare. No words.

I almost feel hypocritical going to a ladies brunch this morning. We will chat about our daily routines, the latest play we saw or someone’s next cruise. What a contrast from the thoughts which awakened me this morning. 

I get so impatient with myself though when I allow small, unimportant things to get to me and make me irritable. Most of the time, I can brush them off and keep my positive lens polished, but every so often, I feel overwhelmed by my “to do” list or frustrated that I can’t get a passage right in my piano piece. I fret about my thinning hair or a new wrinkle when others are dealing with so much more. It’s hard to keep perspective.

Today, I will enjoy the gaiety of friendship. I will taste a forbidden sweet, and I will remind myself that the deadlines are only my own, and they can be moved. I will remember that just showing up at the breakfast table with a smile on my face is worth celebrating.

I will keep negative thoughts to myself and express the positive ones. I will give sincere compliments, even when I feel envious of the person’s beauty. I will remember that all I have is now. We have no control over tomorrow and we can do nothing about how we may have screwed up yesterday. I will leave people better than I found them, and I will remember that the scruff on my knees is from prayer, and I will remember that I am always humbled from that position.