Wednesday, January 10, 2018

     When I asked my 70-something Grandmother years ago what she thought was the most incredible invention of her lifetime, she said the airplane. As I will be boarding in the next couple of hours, I would have to say, despite all the other advances in technology, it is truly remarkable that we can be in two completely different cities, states, countries, continents with 24 hours. 

      Being in the desert with my daughter and four little girls, I have almost forgotten after less than a week what my house looks like and how it felt to be there. I guess that means I adapt quickly, or else, my memory is deteriorating. The latter is not true, so I will take credit
for the former. When we travel often, we tend to learn how to adapt quickly to our new surroundings, and I consider this fortunate, as I can just function as though I live wherever I am headed.

     To go from the desert to the Gulf in less than 4 hours is amazing, and I’m happy to be heading into the warm after a cold spell hit Florida before I left. As I read posts from former students and friends sliding around on black ice, I think, “Thank the Lord, I don’t have to deal with that anymore.” 

     If you asked me what the most incredible invention has been in my lifetime, I would have to say the computer chip and all that has evolved from it. The GPS has been the newest and most helpful to me, as I hate trying to find places, and maps are just too cumbersome. I just get in my car, push a button, and Hortense takes me where I need to go. It’s wonderful!

    For Christmas, we got “Alexa,” the techno-slave that does whatever it’s told. My daughter has one here. It probably took her two minutes to set up. The one she bought for us is undoubtedly sitting in the box on Mr. Wonderful’s desk. He will need a few hours to fool with it before it operates. I want nothing to do with reading directions and trying to figure out something that, although fun, is not worth the effort for me. Not to say I don’t appreciate the gift, I do. It’s just that I have no patience for figuring out this stuff. I need a resident 10-year-old.

    I went to the piano store a week ago, and when I saw all the technology that has been adapted to my instrument, I was amazed. I can actually play a concerto to an orchestral accompaniment, record it, and make a disc. Who knew? Again, I don’t have the patience to fool with it, so . . . 

     On my way to the TSA check in for old folks. I so appreciate this, even though I’d much rather be a 50-something. One does have to be grateful for any perks that come with crepe and wrinkles though:) If they’d just offer a Cosmo at the end of the line, that would be perfect.